Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Get Lei'd + 2007 Emerging Influential Blogs

After helping two friends with their blog templates (*ehem* cake!) , I am now concentrating on my own blog. After reading this post from Sasha, I am now seriously contemplating of buying my own domain and a web host. My credit card should pay for something else other than shopping. However, there is that one teeny problem: I know nothing about web hosting. So please bear with my sub normal intelligence when it comes to it. I do have a simple question though: Is it possible to just have like a Blogger-like tool that I can just use, write down entries there, but will be directed to my domain? Do I make sense? I'm sorry, I'm just bobita when it comes to this certain topic. Any help/tutorial will be greatly appreciated. :)

Now, for the fun part. Granting that I will be enlightened to the ways of having my own web host, choosing a domain name will be tackled next. I want something that is easy to remember, but will not involve my whole name. I want clickers to say "Wow, cool domain name!" and then have legions of adoring fans and followers to that extent. Anyway, remember this post about the Proud Race t-shirts? And me wanting the same kind of idea for my own name? Well Alternati had this to say and basically gave me an idea for a domain name. GET LEID sounds cute, noh? But getleid.com is already taken (a website about lei's) and getleid.net is also snatched and is a sex toy company. Any ideas? Or do I need to hold a contest for this?


Speaking of contests, Janette Toral of Digital Filipino is spearheading the search for The Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007 and fruityoaty was high kind enough to list me as one of her nominees.

I am going to have my own list too, but I'm still trying to figure out who will make it. Naks. I don't have the luxury of time to go around looking through archives right now (since only those blogs made from August of 2006 are counted). For the meantime, I encourage you to pick your own Top Ten Influential Blogs and include me on that list. Why? Because contest winners announcement will be on August 1 and what do you know, my birthday is on the 17th of the same month! So treat it like your *very* advanced birthday present, will ya? :) Plus, fruityoaty nominated me, if she thinks I'm influential enough to be counted, then hell yeah I am! :)

If you are: irritated by these kinds of people, an attention whore, a hopeless romantic, and is a fan of a good laugh just to name a few, then please feel free to include me on your list.

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Anonymous said...

Meron option sa Blogger. Punta ka lang sa Settings >> Publishing. Tapos ayun, may option du'n na custom domain. Ewan ko kung eto nga ang sagot sa'yong katanungan. Most probably it is. :D

64mb lang ang memory ng utak ko, pero sige iisipan kita ng magandang domain name. Nyehehe.

Pero sayang, hindi ako qualified sa Emerging Blogs. This year ko lang kasi ginawa 'tong blog ko e.

But oh well. Idinagdag ko na 'tong blog mo sa links mo. Maraming salamat sa patuloy na pagbisita at nawa'y makahanap din ako ng kakaunting silid sa'yong blog. Rak on!~

lei said...

jake woot okay i'll look into what you said about the blogger thingie. thanks!

Kung this year mo lang ginawa yung blog, you're still qualified! what i meant was those blogs made from august of 2006 onwards ang pwede. which gives me an idea, maybe i'll vote for you! ^_^

oi, i already linked you ano. hehe ^_^

theveganprince said...

lei: Please accept my apologies. The thing is, I'm very sensitive when it comes to animal rights. I fight for the animals. The life of an animal is no joke to me. This comment was what ticked me off: " i feel sorry for the animals *for just a wee bit of a second*"

But let's start all over, shall we? Let's be friends. I'm Mark. You are? :)

sasha said...

Lei, the offer stands ha.. If that's the only problem you have, I'm offering my services hehe... Dont worry walang bayad :)

And madali lang mag-set up as in.

Shari said...

Uh, I guess Jake the Miserable has already beaten me to the answer. Blah. Just buy a domain, then use this current Blogger account to host your blog. If someone tries to access januarysunsets.blogspot.com, sa domain mo ang bagsak niya, which is actually the same thing naman. Ngek. Hehe. That's what I did with my blogger account.

I wanna getleid! :( HOw about get-leid? Ugh, dammit. I hate it when someone else beats you to a domain name. Kill them.

Hahaha. My birthday is on the 13th of the same month. Boooo! :D

watson said...

Lei, like what the others said, buy your domain and then point it to blogger. Nice diba?

Ako rin may tanong sa yo... gusto kong palitan yung template ko, and at the bottom of your template nakasulat yung source ng byutipul mong template. Hindi ka ba nagkaroon ng problems integrating it into the new Blogger?

angeL said...

hi lei.. im loving ur blog.. and thanx for the help.. i think im sticking with ur suggestion for my moms bday gift..

lei said...

wow! blogger just went bullocks and the very long reply to everyone just went to the bin. will type again arrrgh damn you blogger! damn yoooouuuu!!!

lei said...

theveganprince im lei. would love to be your friend, mark. im sincerely sorry for what i said too.

sasha wow thanks so much! will tell you then when i'm planning to buy. because people here are telling me to just buy a domain lang, and have it point to blogger or is it the other way around? anyway, thanks again! now i don't have to read all those tutorials, i could just learn from you!

you're so sweet sasha! ^_^

shari yeah i think get-leid works fine. shoot all those people talaga ano! LOL i seriously hate them.

ooooh august ka din! yey! see, more reasons to include me on your list! LOL

watson the blog was already in blogger format when i downloaded it. i think the makers made it that way themselves already.

angel you're welcome! and thank you for dropping by, too. come back often! ^_^

joyfulchicken said...

This site has the cheapest domain names that I could find (around 350 pesos each). I already bought two domain names there, and everything seems OK. Their website is ugly though.

lei said...

joyfulchicken haha you're right, they have an ugly website. cheap domains though. thanks!

Shari said...

Bakit ba kasi mas madali para sa mga may credit card ang bumili ng kung anu-ano online? Ang daya naman kasi eh! Bwiset!

the philosphical bastard said...

in the spirit of "getting leid," here are some suggestions:
1. gotleid
2. leid down
3. lei down
4. leid after
5. leid in the morning

pls dont choose the last one.

lei said...

shari woot time to get your own credit card, girl!

paolo ahaha! i won't, i promise! thanks for the suggestions ^_^

angeL said...

lei, im slowly becoming an avid reader of your blog... mind exchanging links?

lei said...

angel no, not at all. ^_^

Jhed said...

I'm cooking up my own domain as well. But alas, I have a hard time saving up for it. Heck, I can't even save money to buy myself a new pair of undies. LOL.


Okay, that's too much info from me.


Haha! Anyway, I'm known for being shameless. So yeah, don't forget me on your emerging blogger list. Haha!

Shari said...

Ayaw ni tatay magpaextension ako. :( Sino naman tatanggap sa akin magpa-credit card noh

Lisa said...

1. Domain name -- point to Blogger, like they said. This is so that if you transfer your blog to another platform, like wordpress, all your inbound links have the same URL. (the ".com"). Buy at GoDaddy.com -- $6.95/year if you enter through a sponsor link.
2. Hosting - Blogger is now your platform as well as your webhost. It can cancel your blog anytime. Blogger is great if you want to monetize (add adsense) because they're both owned by google and you can sign up easily. I recommend Anhosting because they give you a free name and allow multiple blogs, good support, plus easy to install wordpress.
3. Platform - There's blogger, typepad, wordpress, etc that allow ads. I like wordpress the best but maintain a blog at blogger, too.
Read my make money blog Chuvatech - Money from Blogs Made Simple
4. Summary - Buy hosting only if you want to move to wordpress, otherwise, all you need now is a domain.
Hay naku, we really need to do coffee. I can teach you guys how to make money from your blogs.

Lisa said...

ok that link did not work. Go to www.chuvatech.com

lei said...

jhed oi why not? ^_^

shari then how do you pay for all your stuff online?

lisa yes, the coffee! thanks for all your advice. naku moving to wordpress... yeah im seriously thinking about that.

i'll email you sometime. about all of this. including the coffee. ^_^

Darwin said...

Too bad getleid.com isn't available anymore. I liked it though, *very* catchy! hehehe.

How about lets get leid? I think its too long already. Hope you discover yourself a nice one. ;)

lei said...

darwin thanks!

Shari said...

@Lei - I only apply for hosting and domain registration on Philippine-based small start-up companies. I can pay through bank deposit or Gcash, so...

I want a CC. :( Damn Paypal for not offering its full service here! Grrr!

Uyy, by the way, will be on Baguio on the first week of June. ;) Have you been to Bruno's Coffee? Dahil namimiss ko ang Baguio, pupunta ako dun para magkape dahil yun ang lagi naming tambayan ng dati kong housemates.

Shari said...

Ooohhhkay, forgive the one who hasn't slept yet. I meant Bruno's Cafe. Wow. Haha. Sa baba siya ng Such n' Such na walang kwentang internet cafe dahil hindi alam kung pano gumawa ng matinong brochure. Hindi ko nga lang alam kung buhay pa yung Bruno's (sanaaaa!!!). Bakit kasi biglang nawala na ang Jamaiican Patties sa SM Baguio. Huhuhu.

lei said...

shari but opkors i know brunos! oy let's meet? hehe ^_^ with kubi, etc. tamang-tama lisa is also inviting me for coffee. yay!

Shari said...

Yeah, exactly what I was thinking! Let's all meet! Hehe! Excited na nga ako eh. Anyway, my father's wondering kung bukas ang UP Baguio ng Mondays. Kasi byahe namin Saturday around 4AM, tapos Monday afternoon or evening ata ang uwi. Acck! Grabe, sobrang naeexcite ako Leiiiii! Isang taon na akong di nakakabalik dyan haha.

Anyway, how long are you planning to keep the domain name you'd buy? Yahoo domains cost $1.99 for the 1st year nga lang -_- Succeeding years eh almost $10 na. Now I'm just thinking of ways pano ako makakabili ng lecheng domain sa Yahoo. Grrr ~

lei said...

shari emailed you my cellphone # so you could just contact me when you get here.

ewan, maybe i'll try it for a year? is that wise to do? or i'll just buy it for the next two or five years or so? anyway, mura nga yang sa yahoo. there's lots of companies offering domain and web hosting plans. i just want yung secure and credible. kasi i hear lots of credit card fraud over the internet. kakatakot!

may said...

wow. i'm just a day older than you:)

anyway, you might find asking my web guy (www.askshane.org)helpful. he manages my blog, and is quite geeky about stuff like it. hope it helps.

Shari said...

Got it! :D

Anyway, you can register it for 2 years or so if you're sure you won't get tired of it in the long run. I ditched my first domain because I wanted something new. Yung tipong you'd suddenly think that your domain name doesn't fit you anymore. But then, that's me for you. ;)

If you want security & credibility, better choose the more famous ones. Ayang Yahoo, pwede na yan for a domain. ;)

lei said...

may will visit him. thanks!

shari hala baka magsawa ako. naku madali pa mandin akong magsawa.

fruityoaty said...

Get Lei'd. That's brilliant. I love it! It's just so catchy, sassy and memorable. Go for it.

C5 said...

...or http://always-leid.com :)
Quezon Day naman ako ;)

Anonymous said...

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