Sunday, May 27, 2007

Partial Proclamation of winners + A Shameless plead

No, this post is not about who won in our recently concluded midterm elections. This is so far my list for the 2007 Top Ten Emerging Blogs. The results which I just based on the 'blogs-that-I-read-and-actually-like' criteria. In no particular importance of order:

1. I decided to vote myself! So at least I get two votes, di ba? One from fruityoaty and one from me! Hahaha! :)

2. Kubi! Not only because she is a very good friend, but also because she writes waaaaaaaay better than I do. Very witty girl indeed. But crazy most of the time in real life. We both are. LOL. I love you Kubeh! :D You better give me the cake before you go disappear from the boondocks.

3. JJ! Because he talks about politics a lot. It's one of my favorite topics!

4. Cruise! He takes breath-taking pictures of places I, for the meantime, am only able to go to in my dreams. He is on hiatus mode though, I wonder if my vote still counts?

5. Jake! Because I am also a self-confessed hopeless romantic. He writes very good Tagalog, by the way. Iba nga naman talaga kung Tagalog magsulat, mas nakakatawa. :)

6. Paolo! I love him! His blog, I mean. It is very entertaining and I especially like this series.

7. Jhed! I only got to know his blog this week but already I'm hooked up! He is very open about his sexual life which makes me feel like a voyeur every time I visit his blog. Hehe.. Plus, he asked me to include him in this list straight up! I'm really a nice person so I didn't let him down. *wink

8. Massa P! I'm such a fan of this blog. She had me at spaghetti.

#s 9&10 are going to be filled up in the next few days. I thought of including {i} on this list because she is seriously one of the best writers/bloggers around but I found out that she started her blog a month earlier than the limit set by Janette Toral. Sayang! Same goes out to the other 'old' blogs here in my blogroll.


Please vote for me and Kubi, or else I will keep on posting videos like this to torment you. LOL
This is (L-R) Emil, Kubi, and I (I cannot see myself!) trying to sound as good as we could. Sadly, we failed. That is Maika singing in the background. (They will most probably kill me when they learn I posted this on my blog, but what the heck, I need votes! LOL! :D)

We might suck at singing, but we rock at everything else. (Me to myself: Yeah right, keep telling yourself that.)

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joyfulchicken said...

Oh no! My ears are bleeding!

No offense :-P

the philosphical bastard said...

whoah. i'm speechless. is this the band i'm joining? let's make that record already!

utakGAGO said...

nice voices ha! :))

napadaan lang at natuwa sa bidyo nyo. makagawa nga ako ng solo sabay hawak sa gitara nyahahaha

mula sa blog ni jhed! ^_^

kubiyat said...

omaygad...lei, you're so dead x_x

*sigh* but since you put me on your list (nothin' but love, sistah!) and i do owe you cake, all is forgiven...or do we call ot even and i don't owe you cake anymore? :D

lei said...

joyfulchicken OMG im so sorry! LOL

paolo yesss!!! don't you just love us????

utakgago uy why not! thanks for dropping by :)

kubiyat no, do not forgive me na lang kaya. i need that cake. LOL

fruityoaty said...

LOL, good one! I would've nommed myself (hahaha), but I didn't want to waste one of the 10 spots on myself, lol.

Thanks for the spot on your list. I'm so honoured. I really am. I dig your blog... Did I ever say that to you? Well, I suppose I did since I did nom you, haha.

I was blog hopping one day... and landed on your site. I don't remember from what site I came from, but I'm glad "chance" led me here.

So, now I'm going to check all the sites ON YOUR LIST. Bloghop again. Who knows where that will lead me, eh?

L8tr days.

lei said...

fruityoaty wow thanks! that's big, coming form you. haayyy.. :D

Poli said...

Bangis ng rendition niyo ng MLOONAA tsang!

lei said...

poli hahahaha nakaka gago ba? LOL

maika said...

omygod. that's all.

Anonymous said...

Rakenrol pala ang kantahan e. Pwedeng maki-join the club? Nyehehe.

At ikinatutuwa kong lubos ang pagkakabilang ng nilalangaw kong blog sa'yong listahan. Maraming-maraming salamat. :)

lei said...

maika lol omg talaga! :D

jake welcome :D

PinoyHarbinger said...

make it love?!

I'd say make it stop! lol. peace!

lei said...

jj lol, no i won't make it stop haha^_^

BigBad said...

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CokskiBlue said...

Hi Lei! Really cool list Paolo, Massa, and Jhed are pretty cool. :D

Hope you can check out my video blog. :D

Good luck in filling the last 2 slots. :D said...

Thank you again for joining this writing project. Will check your site tonight for any final addition to your top 10 list. said...

Thank you again for joining this writing project. Will include your entry in our raffle tomorrow.