Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm not being mean.

I'm a person who easily gets irritated. Especially if it's more than 25C outside and I'm wearing a jacket because it seemed cold in our place (where the sun is a myth) and when I took a cab and arrived in town, the sun is trying to bake me alive (at 25C, I'm spoiled). I have almost non-existent tolerance to the following people:

1. Chatty cab drivers. I absolutely hate chatty cab drivers. What do they think they are, drop-out therapists who have opinions about absolutely everything? I pay you to get me where I'm supposed to be in under 10 minutes, not to hear your litany about how unfair life (I have friends to do that) or the recent election (I have my tibak friends for that) is. I leave giving advices to bartenders who never got enough money for a psychology degree. Plus, this is what happens when you connect to cab drivers.

2. That person in the review hall/classroom who keeps on shouting the wrong answers. You know that theory that people supposedly learn quickly by hearing and retains memory better, rather than using the sight? I am about to take the biggest and most important exam in my life (again, I passed the first time) and if that stupid, loud-mouthed bitch sitting behind me won't shut up, I may be in trouble. Imagine if in the actual exam, because of escalating anxiety number after number, all you can hear is her voice, clouding your better judgment?

3. People walking slowly in Session Road or that person who stops (even for a second) at the end of the escalator for nothing. Mataray that I am, I say "Excuse me" or "Let's move, people" loud enough for these people to realize they are blocking my way and I don't like it. When I'm really pissed off, I may even say "Hindi ito Sta. Cruzan!"

4. People under the bystander effect. There was a time when I was crossing the overpass with a friend when I saw that the man trailing behind a foreigner was fidgeting through the latter's bag. Of course the foreigner wasn't able to feel this as it seemed the man was such an expert. The people who were following them were just looking at what was happening, whispering to each other but doing nothing. It took me three seconds to realize what was happening and then I grabbed the foreigner's arm, swirled him around, pointed at the thief and blatantly announced "This guy is trying to rob you! He's opening your bag!" The world stopped for a millisecond and resumed again when the thief ran for his dignity. The people looked at me with weird expressions as I told them "Wala man lang kayong ginawa." And before I could even lecture them, my friend dragged me away from the scene.

5. People who cut lines. Need I say more?

6. The person who think his/her problem is any bigger than the rest of ours. Grow the fuck up, and suck it in. The only reason people appear to you as not having "big" or "heavy" problems is that these people deal with it and are actually trying their best not to be consumed by it. Unlike you, sulking around getting emo and putting on heavy eyeliners to tell the world that you're one messed-up pathetic excuse for a human being.

7. Incompetent people working in the restaurant industry. This movie does not scare me. If a *hungry* customer's needs are not met for unacceptable reasons, I go ballistic. Do not irritate a hungry customer, especially if that is me. :)

8. People who say mean things to you in your face because they know you don't understand their language. This is just plain disrespectful. I have plenty of experience in this particular scenario, being that I was a teacher to Korean kids before. And also because of my short teaching stint, I learned a few Korean phrases. This includes all possible swear words and occasional polite/kind words. So when a Korean stepped on my slippers and blurted the Korean term for "Fuck you", I turned to him and said Burago?!, which just basically means "What did you say?!" He was a bit shocked and repeated bowing of his head came along with him saying Miyanhamnida in between.


kubi said...

you know who suck? those people on the jeep who think they paid for three people and don't move when you or other people get on. they have to be asked to scooch so other people can sit down. even then, they grumble and act as if they'd been deprived something. talk about feeling unwelcome. you're on a PUJ, mo-fos! PUBLIC utility vehicle.

lei said...

kubi oh yes! i forgot about those people. and those who doesn't want to make abot your bayad. ampf will make a part two of this.

oboids said...

What about those people who smells really bad? Yung amoy hindi naligo ng isang linggo, at natuyuan ng pawis sa katawan. Shet panis na pawis na ata ang tawag dun. Uupo sila sa tabi mo at isisiksik ka pa sa gilid. Whew! Parang gusto mo na lang pumatay ng tao kung sakali. This is one reason why I hate riding jeepneys!

joyfulchicken said...

I agree with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 :-P

lei said...

oboids OMG! eeew yes, i shall include them in my next list of people the world is better without. LOL

joyfulchicken what's wrong with 1 and 2?

Alternati said...

LOL. Ditto an all! These people should be deported from Baguio post haste!

Anonymous said...

Mainit na ang 25 degs? Hmm, kunsabagay, dito sa Maynila e umaabot na ng 40 degs. Pwedeng-pwede na akong magluto ng itlog sa bunbunan ng tatay ko.

1 - Wala naman akong na-e-encounter na ganito. Ngunit may mga kaibigan akong babae na nagre-report sa'kin na nakaka-encounter sila ng mga MANYAK na driver. Yikes.

2 - Medyo mataas ang tolerance ko sa mga ganyan.

3 - Minsan e napapabulong ako ng malakas, "hindi kayo naglalakad sa buwan."

4 - Nakalulungkot talagang isipin na mas marami ang populasyon ng mga taong walang pakialam.

5 - Siguro kasi hindi sila tinuruan ng mga nanay nila kung paano pumila ng tama.

6 - May pinagkaiba ang mga taong may malaki talaga ang problema sa mga taong sira lang talaga ang ulo. Ewan ko ako, all of the above ako e.

7 - Ah oo. Nakakapikon talaga 'yan. Lalo na kung inaabot sila ng tatlong buwan at dalawang linggo para lang maibigay sa'kin ang extra rice.

8 - Masarap bumawi. Nyehehe.

Maraming salamat pala sa pagdaan sa nilalangaw kong blog. Sana'y magbalik kang muli. Rakenrol.

may said...

good luck on #2.

you'll probably agree with me when i say that those people who cheated in that exam sucked big time. i mean how can somebody be so selfish!

joyfulchicken said...

"what's wrong with 1 and 2?"

Nothing wrong.... I just find ranting cab drivers and dumbass students entertaining. I'm weird that way, heh.

fruityoaty said...

Amen, you said it sister.

OMG, what I found worse than CHATTY cab drivers are NOSEY cab drivers. There's friendly and then there's OVERLY FRIENDLY. I used to work for a company that would reimburse me for the cost of 3 taxi rides per week, so I used to max my allowance. After 2 years of doing that, I became a popular business "mark" with the cab drivers. Oh man, they were like... in my face all the time, asking personal questions. Like, shut up and just drive.

Re: #8... Actually when I was younger and crazier, I used to pretend sometimes that I didn't speak English just to see how English-speaking people (specifically, "white" people) would react and talk behind my back. Some were mean and some bent over backwards to help me (people thinking that you're Lost in Translation "sometimes" has its advantages, lol).

Yes, I have a strange sense of humour.

Darwin said...

Are you in the Philippines right now? I'd be glad with a 25C temperature because it's sooo hot here in our place and I'm soo moist already. lol hehehe

lei said...

alternati why don't we just close down baguio from incoming tourists? LOL i sound selfish.

jake yes sir, mainit na ang 25C. if you live(d) in baguio, you'd understand why. and i'll visit your blog again. ^_^

may people just get too greedy sometimes.

joyfulchicken oh, okay. i was going that you're one of the two. kidding of course. ish. LOL

fruityoaty i'll dedicate a new post for your wicked sense of humor. and will encourage other people to list me as an influential blogger as well. LOL thanks again. ^_^

darwib yeah, im in baguio actually ^_^ you should come up for a breather.

jun.anteola said...

i so agree about all these in your list, but may i add?
how about people who stare? you walk down the street and these people rudely stare, you'll wonder if you forgot to zip up your pants, or if you need to blot out the oil from your face again!
and then the jologs and the conios(did i spell that right?) when they speak... a lot of balikbayans are guilty. it makes me want to do an impromptu impersonation up front.

Shari said...

I so so soooo hear you!!!

1 - Really depends on mood.

2 - And hah, I've encountered too many people who seem like they're proud that they're giving out the wrong answers. What the hell is wrong with them?

3 - Same here! I get impatient with those people. Helloooowwww?! You don't frigging own the road, asshat!

4 - It's sad, it's sad really. It's like they don't care about the situation if it doesn't directly affect them.

5 - I get rude whenever someone cuts anywhere in front of me. Excuse me? May pila!

6 - Amen, sister!

7 - It takes me about 3 times before I get a bit masungit. In a way, I understand the service crews IF there are lots of customers. But when I just see them lounging around when I've requested my frigging service water for the nth time since 30 minutes ago, aba, ibang usapan na yan.

8 - Haha, been in a similar situation.

the philosphical bastard said...

Except for number 1, I may have been guilty of all the other numbers at one point in my life.

lei said...

jun.anteola OMG, i think i'm conio. LOL i medyo talk this way minsan eh.

shari okay, put me in your 1007 influential bloggers then. haha ^_^

the philosophical bastard goodness! don't be a cab driver then!

sasha said...

Hahahah... Natawa ako sa sinabi ni Oboids! Da best! Hahahha

Kanina ganyan katabi ko sa van... susme, nasagap ko na amoy nya and all! Eeewwww

Pwede bang makipag-ex link ang sasha-says dito? :)

lei said...

sasha but opkors. ^_^ tsk parang parusa sayo yung sa van. lol

lisa said...

Chatty cab drivers I can stand -- that means they're friendly and most likely won't hold you up. I can't stand the music they play on the radio though, or those who love doing the "breaker, breaker" thing.

I hate short folks on Session road who keep their umbrellas close to their heads so that my eyes get "spoked." Plus those who walk with umbrellas under the canopies so that those of us without it get wet by the rain.

I hate those who stick so close to me when in line as if, if we compress, the line would move faster.

Finally, I can't stand those unemployed and unemployable migrants who trash my town. Gimme them tourists anytime because they stay only a few days and spend money in Baguio.

Baka naman mas mataray ako sa iyo! Hahaha. You're invited to Atenara House for coffee sometime so we can -- compare notes. (Sincere offer)

lei said...

lisa oh it's my first time to hear about atenara house. went to your site and found the link. why did i never hear of that chic place? i'd love to have coffee there! (and the all you can eat buffet LOL) here's a another idea, how about rounding up all the baguio bloggers and have a little get together in atenara? *wink, wink*

The King said...

"Hindi ito Sta. Cruzan!" -> Natawa talaga ako dito!

I also hate people #4, #5 and #6. Especially #5!

Minsan talaga, tinititigan ko sila ng masama, haha!