Saturday, April 21, 2007


I hate people who cut into lines. It is very unethical and at the same time disrespectful. Have you ever been in a situation where you've been standing in a queue for the longest time and then out of nowhere, friends of the person in front of you cuts in. Or when you are waiting for a taxi in the middle of the night, wanting so bad to go home because you're tired from work, when a group of raucous teenagers hurriedly pass you by to take the taxi you've been eyeing even when it was 100 meters away.

The other day, I was at NSO (National Statistics Office) fixing my birth certificate. I was on the last step of the process and was just waiting for the NSO guy to come back to his window so I can give my documents. When he finally did, I slipped my papers through his window. As I was slipping my papers in, suddenly out of nowhere, a hand holding some papers squeezed next to my hands wanting that his papers be taken first by the NSO guy. I looked at the person who owned the damned hands (apparently a man who looks way older than I am, probably in his late twenties) and told him in a *slightly* elevated tone "Excuse me! I was here first! Tanggalin mo yang kamay mo kung hindi puputulin ko yan!"

He quickly did and turned around towards the exit, with a very red face. The NSO guy was laughing so much and said "Ang taray mo naman, Miss. Sige dahil dyan, instead of getting your paper done in two hours, 30 minutes na lang. Baka putulin mo din kamay ko."

I just smiled and later on found what happened really, really funny. I saw the guy enter the office again after about 10 minutes and couldn't bring himself to look at me. The guy seriously didn't have any balls.

*insert devil laugh here*


fruityoaty said...

Haha, that's funny. Yup, I know what you mean about... I dislike when people cut in... but I usually have a zen attitude about such things, unless it's a really big deal to me.

So many people are so rude these days. i.e. not giving a seat to a very pregnant lady in the bus.

snst_blvd said...

fruityoaty in my defense, i was really stressed out at that moment. hehe...^^

PinoyHarbinger said...

errr. katakot. i might get my fingers mutilated just by commenting. mahirap na. :)

the philosphical bastard said...

now you're the type of people i wanna be friends with. im paolo... thanks for visiting my blog. =)

iskoo said...

sindakan lang yan! gulatin ng matauhan, lalo na kung ikaw naman ang tama.

Xerendipity said...

These are people who have no good morals. Very rude indeed. Well, they have to be reprimanded with that king of attitude. They should learn!


Lisa said...

have you ever encountered this newest "pa-simple" at watsons in sm baguio or at 7-11 on session road? you're all lined up across the cashier and someone starts a line PERPENDICULAR to yours and suddenly there are 2 lines being serviced by 1 cashier!

try lining up at BENECO to pay your bills and there's always a woman with a little kid standing so close behind you she's breathing down your neck. This happens because:
1. she probably thinks the line moves faster when you "compress"
2. she's afraid to leave more than 6 inches between you in case someone cuts in
3. she doesn't really care that her obnoxious kid keeps touching your behind

and if putting that rude fellow in his place is deemed "mataray" by government clerks then so be it. go girl!


snst_blvd said...

pinoyharbinger haha i'm not like that naman. if people mess up with me lang hehe.

the philisophical bastard hello, paolo. i'm lei. thanks for visiting mine too. ^^

iskoo agree. hehe^^ assertiveness nga di ba? *wink*

xerendipity yes, disrespect begets disrespect.

lisa oh god i know what you mean about the watson and 7/11 thing! nakakairita! I usually point to the end of the line kungmay mga ganun tapos pa simple pa sila "ay ganun ba, hindi ko kasi alam.

eh hello ang haba na kaya ng pila di ba!

Abaniko said...

Panalo! Haha.

snst_blvd said...

abaniko true.^^

oboids said...

Hehehe. Galeng ahh! If someone actually cuts in, kahit friend pa sya nung nasa harap ko, I would tap on his/her back and ask her to 'politely' go to the end of the line. If they don't want too, dahil reserve daw yung place nila, then I would rudely ask them to go form a line somewhere else. I will even go to the the extent of asking security to drag their big ugly asses somewhere else, dahil hindi sila marunong sumunod sa pila. Pakshet sila lahat! Lalo na't mainit ngayon. Ghad!

lei said...

oboids ya nga eh! its so freakin hot man!

{illyria} said...

you're my hero. :)

lei said...

illyria haha^^gawd it was soo funny