Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Batista for Mayor and other local election yaddas + Virginia Tech massacre

The local election race here in Baguio City is very interesting. I have learned from this website that Baguio has nine mayoralty candidates. Of them, I know six: Peter Ray Bautista, Braulio Yaranon, Leandro Yangot, Bernie Vergara, Elmo Nevada, and Jun Labo.

**Ryan, a good friend of mine, saw a series of tampered Bautista campaign posters in one of Baguio's streets. Someone who had nothing better to do erased the letter 'U' in Bautista's name, which now reads as Batista for Mayor. As in this Batista. =)

**Yaranon maybe is the oldest Mayor who governed a place where I actually lived. He was supended a year ago and was replaced by Batista, I mean Bautista. I most remember Yaranon as wearing turtle necks, at least during the times when I see him on TV or at City Hall. Because of that, we often joked that he has a tracheostomy tube in place.

**Yangot. Hmmm where do I start? All I know is that this is his wife. Oddly enough, the couple were both front liners in demanding retakes for cheating-marred exams.

**Vergara and Nevada do not look good on each of their campaign posters. Vergara does not know how to smile and Nevada looks very much drunk. Will post photos soon.

**Labo, oh Jun Labo. I wish I could tell him he'll never win however he tries. He runs election after election. When will he ever tire?


Hey, look who we have here running for councilor:

Isn't he the one in most action films playing as the bad guy? Yung laging kasuntukan ni Robin Padilla.

And this guy...
...scares the hell out of me. This is Jack Cariño. I find his campaign tagline "Stop the 'uglification' of Baguio!" very ironic. Can you guess why? =) He takes great photos, by the way.


Imagine if this happened here in the Philippines. RIP to all those innocent souls who fell victim to Cho Seung-hui's violent outburst.

This brings to mind a 10 year-old South Korean kid, Shane, who became a student of mine when I was still teaching. He was shy and polite around teachers but little did we know he bullies everyone to their terror. He once locked himself and another kid in the bathroom and beat the shit out of him. The student had a broken nose that needed surgery. He also sort of jabbed a stick in the throat of another innocent student that caused stitches. I also heard from the other students that he extorts thousands of money from them.

No single student said a word about these until he was on his scheduled plane back home to Korea. When the teachers asked why they didn't tell anyone what was happening, they all had one answer: they were scared because Shane told them if they were to squeal anything, he'd hurt them bad.



PinoyHarbinger said...

The Virginia Tech massacre shouldn't be viewed entirely as an issue regarding one's race. Though I would think that the race card played a big factor in the suspect's mental development when he was still a kid. Poor people. My heart goes out to all the family's victims and to the state of VA.

snst_blvd said...

pinoyharbinger i hope i didn't come out a racist because i cited another south korean's ill attitude. it was just that i taught koreans before. so the kid just sort of popped into my head.

Lisa said...

Yup, NINE Candidates for mayor, SIX or so for vice, and FIFTY for councilor! Baguio local government positions must be pretty ummm ... profitable!

And isn't it funny that Virgilio Bautista is usually a candidate for any position that Peter Rey is running for? Okay, except in 2004 when Peds ran for vice-mayor but his cousin Joderek ran for councilor and there was Virgilio!

p.s. you're in my blogroll now :)

sasha said...

Scary what happened in Virginia. If it ever happens here, di na siguro kelangan pang magpakamatay nung nag-amok na guy... malamang kinuyug na sya! Grabe. Pero alam mo, come to think of it, why would he do that? Some say that racism is a big factor in the guy's reason for killing those students. Hay...

Natawa ako dun sa "uglification"! Hahahah... Onga naman, who is he to preach when he himself does not embody beautification! Hahaha

Bad ko :P

Hopped from Oboids' site.

snst_blvd said...

lisa maybe he wants to benefit sa mga boto which only will include "bautista". will link you up too.^^

sasha i know. i was talking with my friends moments ago about virginia tech, and for the life of us we can not (maybe never) comprehend why a person would do such terrible, terrible thing.

about the uglification thingy, haha! that makes two of us. i'll vote for him though, just because he takes good pictures. LOL im just kidding. thanks for dropping by.

Alternati said...

LOL... I am gonna be on the look out for those Batista posters. haven't seen one yet...

snst_blvd said...

alternati my friend said it was somewhere around Otek St. hey if you find one, take a picture!^_^

Anonymous said...

You forgot Chinggoy Alonso. The who who always play as a rich dad/lolo. Running for councilor.

lei said...

anonymous oh, yeah! i can't remember his name kasi when I wrote this.

Anonymous said...

Funny, let us quote Sasha: "Don't borrow someone else's spectacles to view yourself with."


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