Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The paaaaiiiiinnnnnn!!!!!!!! + UPBM trail run

Me: Let's just go to Bohol. Boracay is so overrated.
Friend: Super hot kaya dun?
Me: Dude, anywhere outside Baguio is hot.
Lemme just say: (in a Jamaican accent)It's so freakin' hot man! I know, a lot of bloggers have been ranting about the crazy weather and now I'm joining their bandwagon.

I looked at my dresser this afternoon and realized I need to go shopping because *almost* all my clothes are not "summer material." You would get what I mean if you live or lived in Baguio City where a 33 degree weather is a myth and one's cabinet should be filled with clothes which can get you through the subtle heat in the morning but can still shelter you from the cold at night.

I even had a cold shower this noon because I can not bear the heat. This is a feat because there are only a few people who can tolerate the icy Baguio water when taking a bath. Trust me, it's really, really cold. And ever since my family moved here six years ago, this is the first time I've done it. (Kaya sige na, kunwari ang galing ng nagawa ko..LOL)

According to Yahoo! Weather, we have a temperature high of 25C. Seriously? It's just 25C and I cannot stand the heat already! I'll probably die if I go to Manila or Tuguegarao. I'll look like a roasted pig siguro! I can just imagine the heat. Eeek! I can feel the sun on my back.. God I'm so OA! Haha!

Please, God, let summer go quickly. Or at least keep Baguio cool. ^.^


I was supposed to run on this race because I'm a Greenpeace member and my friend, Maika, who is the president of UP Baguio Mountaineers asked me to (I think mostly because it will be entertaining for her part to see me run. Hehe).

Hello? Do you want me to die? I climb 4 flights of stairs and my heart is racing like a horse on amok and you want me to run a 14k course? And it's not on flat land! So I decided to save my life and just slept through Earth Day. Too bad though, Maika was almost certain that I would get this medal if I join the race:
It's a turtle if you can't make it out.


sasha said...

Ako rin walang pag-asa sa takbuhan, Lei. Baka sa ER ako ng hospital damputin! Hahahaha

Cute nung medal, sayang nga! :P

kubi said...

i kind of pretended i didn't exist nung trailrun. i slept in, haha.

lei said...

sasha yeah, the medal is for the last person to cross the finish line. hehe^^

kubi ngarag. hehe^^

oboids said...

Umulan kanina dito sa QC!! Yahoooo!!!

{illyria} said...

i thought it was 35 degrees? a little less hot than india's hottest at 37 last year? seriously, i should be watching the weather channel.

lei said...

oboids woot congrats! at least napaliguan ang mainit na lupa. hehe

achi it's 35 in manila but here in baguio it's 25.

sarah said...

erwieee i wanna join greenpeace! pano ba??? and wats ur number ba talaga?!!! been texting u last week kasi we had an airsoft game nong april 29 and may 1!!! super dami players! we'll have a big event on may 25-26 ata basta we have airsofters coming up from laoag! u HAVE to come! baka may cuties! lolz! give me ur number ha!

maika said...

ako gumawa ng medal!! ayyiii!!!