Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Not funny

Unfortunately, I am one of the controversial passers of the June 2006 Nurse Licensure examinations who were asked to retake portions of the said examination for "employability" to the United States of Africa. Errr.. I mean America. But being the brave little girl that I am, I decided to just give up my marred June '06 license in favor of a new one (read: I voluntarily am retaking the whole exam).

Off I went to PRC this afternoon to register. All seemed to be fine, until...

PRC Guy: Bakit ganito itong birth certificate mo?
Me: Ha? What do you mean po?
PG: Ito o. Yung gender mo. Male (as in boy) ang nakasulat.
Me: *shock mode* Patingin nga ho. *looks at the paper in horror* Oh my God!!!

So there it was. All my life I used that birth certificate for everything and all things legal it was only now that I saw that *gulp* error. I tried to make pa-cute to the PRC guy to just let it go since the last time it was okay (read:they did not notice it). But he was firm and said that they may have overlooked it last year.

My friends are laughing at my misfortune and all started questioning me if I was really a girl.

Texts from friends:
Sabi ko na nga ba bading ka eh! LOL
Pa'no mo narealyz? D ncheck dti sa prc? Check m pag may birdie ka. hahaha

It's not funny kaya!



fruityoaty said...

OMG, that gave me a huge laugh, thanks. LOL.

It's cheaper and less painful to get get a new birth certificate than to get a sex change operation to match the typo, harhar. ;)

snst_blvd said...

fruityoaty LOL i even asked my mom "what if we just make it look that i'm a boy? cuz i really need to cram for the registration."

she threw a pillow at me.


oboids said...

Jinx! Sorry, i cant help it..pero i laughed really hard..sorry ulit.

Does that mean you need to go to a doctor for medical certificate or something to certify your sex? Sheez..things can be really complicated huh...go to a lawyer, they would know wat to do.

I know you'll do well on your exam. Good luck future certified nurse. :-) And take care.

rhodyl said...

hehehe.. nice one.. napatawa tuloy ako... thanks for visiting pala.. :)

snst_blvd said...

oboids about the laughing thing, it's okay. I laughed (and everybody else) too.^^ yeah, my mom had to do all these sorts of affidavits saying I'm a girl etc etc.

thanks. hoping to top it! haha ang feeling ko!

rhodyl no prob^^

atomicgirl said...

sorry ha. i do find it funny.

PinoyHarbinger said...

Errr.. Bakit nga kaya nila ikaw napagkamala? Peace!

snst_blvd said...

atomicgirl yeah, it's fine. it's becoming a resident joke among us friends for the past two days.

pinoyharbinger i'd like to think super strict lang talaga sila. haha^^

iskoo said...

grabe! di nga funny yan, its a major discrepancy, paano ka magkakapassport at pupunta sa states of africa? teka kala ko nasa Tate ka?

snst_blvd said...

iskoo meron na akong passport. and wala ako sa states. ewan ko nga, this is the first time nangyari to. wait, who do you think I am ba? kasi yung last comment mo you called me by some other name.

Lisa said...

Pardon the pun, considering we just "met," but I just have to say this:

You Da Man!


snst_blvd said...

lisa LOL ^_^