Thursday, July 26, 2007

One day, I will be shot dead because of this blog

Yes, I'm still alive and my cyber life is still kicking ass. Let it be known that although I haven't been leaving comments in your blogs, I am reading your entries through my reader. All is not lost.


My billable-per-hour job is keeping me busy. It is funny how friends say I am becoming Korean with every minute I spend with my kids. Minus the looks, of course. About two days ago, I was discussing Geography with a student for a conversation class. We drifted off to talking about food and I asked him what his favorite Asian food is. His eyebrows met and this is the sign where I elaborate my question AKA speak in broken English. But still, he didn't understand, and asked me what "Asia" meant.

As pronunciation is the key to this joke, let it be known that I pronounced "Asia" as any person would in English: "ey-shuh". As I am the kind of teacher who doesn't spoon-feed her students, I went on telling nearly all the Asian countries and also naming the other continents as clues. But still, nothing. I wished at that moment God would leave Iraq for a while and shower me with patience.

Until the little Korean me took hold of the discussion. I said "ah-see-yah" with complete Korean accent. And like an incandescent bulb would react in a flinch of the switch, my student finally got it.


I have finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last Monday. Since then, I have spent every idle moment I have in thinking what will Daniel Radcliffe look like when they film the Deathly Hallows.

We all know that nothing in this world is permanent, but it's funny when we are always taken aback when change hits us right in the face.

I can't wait to grow old. As in a 90-year-old old.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

EDIT: The singer sounds like Renz Verano LOL

*Kahmsamnida Sunny Oppa, for introducing me to this band.

Japs are so emotional. Sila talaga ang sinaunang "emo" people. Ito yung panahon na naloloka pa lang ako sa Spice Girls, hardcore na ang X Japan. Circa 1997. Wala, talbog si Jolina kay Hide (the guy sa video na pink yung hair). Tapos kamukha ni Freddie Aguilar yung isang guitar guy.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the lack of *decent* posts lately. And for not dropping by your blogs. Busy sa kaka-sine. We watched an advanced screening of Ratatouille two days ago (or was it three?), at isa lang masasabi ko: KADIRI YUNG MGA DAGA NUNG NASA KITCHEN NA SILA. I'm sorry, you can never put rats and food together without having a *kadiri* feeling. But I loved that short animation before the movie started... Super funny. :)

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wentworth Miller is gay

I died, died, died. I so believe Perez Hilton. Such a loss for the female specie, Wentworth Miller is soooooo hot! Like, burning hot kaya! What is the world coming to?

I STILL wanna have his kid. How much kaya is his sperm? Ay wait, I wanna have threesome with Miller and his boytoy, Luke MacFarlane. Pero baka ma-echepwera ako. LOL

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