Wednesday, May 2, 2007

So many men, so little time

I think I have thanatophobia. Just a while ago when I was on my way to SM to watch the premiere of Spider-Man 3 (props to Maika for getting us free guaranteed seat tickets, by the way), there was a truck infront of the taxi I was riding that was carrying timber and I kept thinking what if this suddenly falls and crashes into my cab? Followed by a litany of thoughts about death and dying. I was doing the thinking part a lot recently.

It also got me thinking of things I like to do or see before I leave this deity-forsaken planet. Below are some of the things on top of my head:

1) I've always thought bartending is such a cool job. My brother did some bartending way back and I always got free drinks from him. Plus that Coyote Ugly film fueled my imagination. *wink* I'd like to learn how to bartend and be a successful bartender.

2) Skydive. I like defying gravity.

3) Go backpacking in Europe with my closest friends and then meeting hot strangers on the way. ^_^

4) Have sex with Brad Pitt or Jude Law. Oh okay, a hug is enough.

5) Have a religious pilgrimage. Talk to the Dalai Lama, visit Mecca, or walk on the streets of Jerusalem.

6) Pilot my own plane. And not crash, of course.

7) Spend a weekend at Burj Al-Arab.

8) Dive in a pool of spaghetti. I looooove spaghetti! It cheers me up everytime I eat it.

9) Star in a movie... porn movie. LOL

10) Spend a night with Neil Gaiman, Paulo Coelho, and Robert Fulghum. It'll be nice if Conan O'Brien was there, too.

11) Write and publish a kick-ass novel.

12) Go on a shopping spree in Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo.

13) Go to Times Square for New Year's Eve and kiss the man I will spend the rest of my life with. Until I find him, Times Square will have to wait.

14) Party until I drop in Mykonos, Greece aka Where the World Goes to Party.
That is all I can think for now. How about you? What's on your list?


Alternati said...

I've done just 2 things on your list. hehe... but I'd love to do all of them as well (emphasis on number 4 sans Pitt, I'm scared of Jolie! haha)

Summer said...

i dunno kung phobia un skn or what pero minsan ksi naiisip ko din yan.. well.. hnd ksi ako sanay mag commute i rarely commute ksi kya cguru gnun naiisip ko hehe

lei said...

alternati im ready to fight for pitt hahahahaha :)

summer well, we all think about death generally. it is just a question of whether or not you are ready. i sure hell am not.

Peter said...

I also like to eat Spaghetti and to visit Mecca..

ay Shopping Spree pa in Paris!

lei said...

peter come, we'll do it together LOL

kubi said...

Lei, let's romp with Ron Livingstone! He's so dreamy...

I would like to floor a Ferrari in Italy with all the other crazy drivers.

I'd like to watch Roger Federer play in a Wimbledon final live. Or perhaps watch him beat Rafael Nadal on clay.

Amen to meeting Neil Gaiman. Throw in George RR Martin. I'll have to ask him how he plans to end A Song of Ice and Fire before I meet my end.

lei said...

kubi or maybe Federer will once again play on the rooftop of Burj Al-Arab. Then we can go together!

kubiyat said...

if the guys at burj al-arab decide to grow a grass court on that helipad of theirs, perhaps :D

lei said...

kubi ah.. ur one of them grass girl.^^

cyberbaguioboy said...

become a rock star and hold a back to back concert with U2!