Monday, February 5, 2007

there is no such thing as forever

dear love,

it could have been you. it could have been. we adored one another beyond the comprehension of man. beyond all that is and all that could ever be. the sun and the moon in unity, minus the eclipse. the coffee tasted good and it was better with you. your touch emancipates a rage only you could control, to which i gladly succumbed. a night in your arms amounts to forever and a million light years.

but love, we must accept that there is no such thing as forever. and light years only apply to the universe and space above us.

she came. you discovered cafe au lait was better than an espresso. let it be decided that the sun shall remain in the center of the solar system and the moon shall only reflect its light. in a perfect world, I shall understand that the affiliation we had transcends love itself.

let me gather the life that had been. let me appear audacious as i do this. let the nimbus clouds form and precipitate a storm. let the heaven weep for a lost.

however, it shall not weep forever.

(from the now defunct Technicolored Sunset)