Monday, February 5, 2007

the stare comes to an end

your hand is
in my hand
but also
in hers.

clouds precipitated over us. but we didn’t move. i didn’t mind. we had been catatonic for the past 10 minutes–silent and unchanging. but really, there are no words to speak and nothing left to do. nothing. it was as if time purposedly stood still, waiting for either of us to say anything before it resumes. i watch you breathe. trying to count how much breaths more are you going to take before your lungs squeeze out the words i am waiting and wanting to hear.

i suddenly felt tachycardic. it was a premonition. this is it.

you talked about that certain somebody. the sound of the rain against the pavement was surprisingly more interesting than that. you negotiate a friendship. a friendship, that unfortunately, would only be left flaccid. the kind of friendship that results from a bad love affair. which it really is.

they say good things never last. they must have meant happiness at the expense of others.

(from the now defunct Technicolored Sunset)