Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I'm officially jobless.

I resigned from work about four days ago and when I handed my resignation letter (which, by the way, is very, very emotional haha!) to my boss, he jokingly said "I decline". But, as I have said in my letter, "I have to realize my personal and professional dream by pursuing my nursing career". Eklat. Which basically means I am going to review for my NCLEX-RN exam. AND THIS STUPID RETAKE SHIT.

I miss working, though. I went to my workplace today and it kinda felt nostalgic. Wow naman, diba. As if I left eons ago. =p Anyway, it was really quiet and one teacher said it is such because, me, the "maingay" one, is already gone. And the decline in the number of students strongly warrant this observation. LOL. I hung around the kids for a couple of minutes and they kept on asking when am I going back to teach. I reluctantly answered "I don't know" although I already know the answer. I am already keen on getting a job as a nurse, for real this time. Because I feel like I bummed around for so long. Although technically, I had a job. But I seriously need to find a job as a nurse.

So for now, while waiting for the NCLEX-RN review to start, I am burning my time by sleeping (I think I'm getting too much of this) and watching sappy movies (read: Korean movies). It's all good. *grin*


There's a mouse in my room. Well, hoping it is only MOUSE not MICE. I'm scared as shit so I have to sleep with the lights on. I rationalize this being there is light and the mouse will prefer to stay in dark places away from my eyes. Which eventually will give me peace while sleeping (read: Images of the mouse running on my bed, or, worse, walking on my body! eeeeeek!).

Suddenly remembered one of my friend's friend (who also happen to have a mouse problem in her room) saying that she *thinks* the mouse is too intelligent because it walks around the trap she made! *gasp!* And, there's more! The mouse is able to get the food in the center of the trap... without falling for the trap! *double gasp!*

If that happens to me, I seriously will need counselling for the rest of my life.


Panagbenga 2007 is *finally* over and all the people of Baguio City can go back to their normal, pre-Panagbenga lives.

Didn't go to any concert or street party though. Although Hale, one of my all-time favorite bands (obviously because of Champ mwahehehe) had a free concert. I think I'm getting too old for that (God, what am I sayin? I'm only 20!). Plus, I don't want any part of my body rubbing against *dirty* people. Hahaha!

Comment: Session Road in Bloom (where Session Road actually closes for vehicle traffic) was far organized this year. Yey for the people in charge of the whole Panagbenga 2007.


My blog is so deserted. I changed blogs so very often that I lost track of readers. Anyway, I'll advertise my blog once again to the madlang people na lang. For your info, whoever you are reading this, I used to own http://technicoloredsunset.blogspot.com but I took it off the internet because... well... uhmmm... it's too personal. Haha! Then wordpress didn't work out for me and I wasn't able to direct everyone to my new URL.

So please, sweetie, do me a favor... let others know about my blog. Because I'm an attention-whore. Haha! ^_^ And link me!

Kisses. (^.^)


kubs said...

1. Hi Lei! Yea, mice are smart. Beware :D

2. Dude lagay ka tagboard para masaya.

3. Thanks for the link. Will link you up too. We shall lift our blogs from obscurity!

4. I feel your pain. I need to start working on my professional life too.

snst_blvd said...

kubi i don't like tagboards. hehe. but you will go MA naman eh... kaya you don't need to make alala muna. hehe ^_^