Thursday, March 29, 2007

The most promising summer ever

I have been ranting that I need, must even, a vacation for the longest time. And now, I think I am finally getting my much-needed time off.

There is that Holy Week getaway with high school pals Arcie, with her boyfriend Irving, and Ronsie to Zambales. We are planning to island hop from Potipot to Capones Island. Then there is also the plan of heading to Subic for.. dinner. LOL. We're practically going "backpacking" in Zambales!

And since I heard Capones Island is sooo beautiful, I egged one of my work friends, Maika, to camp there (tents and all!) on the weekend following Holy Week. (Yes! Just mere 5 days after my first one.) We even invited her Korean student, Free, to come with us. I'm excited for this trip because I *never* camped before. If I ever did, it was during my Girl Scout days and we just stayed in classrooms. Boring. So I'm really looking forward to this oh-so-close-with-Mother-Nature trip.

I can almost smell the ocean!

Maika is also making me agree to a trip to Thailand or Indonesia. Maika is such a fan of temples and mountains (she is a mountaineer afterall..) and everything and anything old and "environmental" so we are just limiting our choice of countries with either temples or mountains. Domestic airline tickets are unbelievably cheap nowadays! So Maika (again) is inviting me to a trip to Bohol. Kumusta naman, panay ang bakasyon!

Wait! There's more!

Since it will be one of my closest friend's birthday at the end of the month and her mother is somewhere in Australia by that time, we are also planning of celebrating it with an out-of-town trip.

All these in between my review for the NCLEX and Local Board retake. But really, ever since I entered college and even when I graduated, I didn't have any time for a respectable vacation! Plus I have been through too much stress for the past few days. I need a break.

Hopefully, all these will push through. Oh God I'm so excited!