Thursday, March 22, 2007

Product of a Migraine attack

I came home tonight in a depressed mood with a throbbing migraine. I wanted to cry and shout and laugh and slit my wrist all at the same time but I was in such pain to do any of it. Instead, I opened my computer and checked my email; a thing any i-can't-live-without-internet person with physical limitations would do, defying the laws of Abraham Maslow.

And there it was. A chain e-mail from you. Even though I loath chain e-mails, I made exceptions, since this one was from you. I excitedly read it. It turned out to be one of these. It wasn't funny. But I laughed. People should not reply to chain mails. But I did. And then I thought to myself 'Shit'. Because I'm supposed to be over you.

But I'm not.


kubiyat said...

hullo lei. hope you're feeling better. take advil and sleep in a dark room for migraines. rely on your friends and time for the other kind of healing. don't let the muggles get you down.

snst_blvd said...

hi kubs. all better now *wink*