Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The mean, fat, bald, ugly guy

Last Saturday, I met with my college friends because we haven't seen each other for the longest time. We had dinner and then decide to just lazy around in Melissa's "pent house" apartment and drink. We bought booze and a couple of chichirias at 7-11 Session Road.

It was only a few minutes past 9 in the evening and already there were no available cabs around (None of them brought any of their cars. What a sick universal conspiracy joke, really.). After grueling 15 minutes of waiting, we walked from 7-11 up Session road for about 100 meters. Still, there were no taxis. We were getting a bit irked because there's this bunch of noisy Koreans who just came out of a restaurant and after 5 minutes, luckily, a cab stopped in front of them to let down a passenger. And we were waiting there for almost 25 minutes already!

After 10 more minutes (which means we have been there out in the cold for a good 35 minutes... the ice we bought was already melting and we could've sworn we would only take home ice water.), a cab *finally* stopped in front of us. And because we're dead tired and happy that after eons of waiting we have snatched a cab, we went "woohoo!" and one of us jumped ecstatically, too.

Two guys from the back went out first and I was ready to go in when the third one (the mean, fat one!) said "Ahh.. dito na ba kayo?" (talking to the other guys who went down already). The two guys quizzically looked at him. "Sige, aalis na kami. Dito na pala kayo eh," he continued. One of the two guys said "Oy, pare ang gago mo. Halika na, may sasakay."

But the fat guy just closed the door and motioned the driver to go. The two guys were still saying "Ang gago talaga nun" (referring to the fat guy). My friends and I were like really depressed because we thought that we were finally getting a cab. It was like the saying "Pera na naging bato pa."

Then all of a sudden, the cab with the mean, fat guy stopped mere 50 meters away from us and he got down! Ay grabe, nag-init talaga ulo ko! That asshole! He deliberately did not get down in front of us so we, the kawawa people who have been standing there for 35 minutes, holding our groceries and melting ice, will look MORE kawawa. So I shouted "Tarantado!"

"Aawayin ko 'to!" I said and was already ready to walk towards the guy. I was to show this mean guy who he is messing around with. I'm tired but I can still make bangas! But then my friends stopped me saying that it would just make matters worse and that we were mostly girls and that Ryan (the only male) would be in big trouble since there is a good chance they would go after him kasi nga he's the only male. I said no, I would still go after him and hello, we're in freaking Session Road! With a lot of freakin' people! The fat guy can't hurt us.

But still, they didn't want me to make a scene so they egged me to just let it go.

But I was still shouting obscenities and had my arms crossed and looking at him. The fat guy's friends were a bit guilty looking at us and were muttering something to him. And the fat guy looked at me and I said "Gago!" Just then my friends pulled me closer to them saying 'stop it'.

Arrrghh!!! I hate that fat guy! I also hate the fact that my friends stopped me from confronting him! He could've received some major scolding. He ruined my night. That asshole!

Anyway, after 40 minutes, we finally got a cab. Until we reached our destinations, I can't let go of what happened.

That guy was so mean! He deserves to die a painful death. And when he's dead, he'll spend all eternity in hell waiting for a cab in the middle of the desert and every time he sees one, a person will suddenly pop out of nowhere before him and will flag it down and ride it. If I see him again, I swear to God he'll pay.


oboids said...

Badrip yun ahhh..pakilala mo sakin..ipabugbog natin. Kung ako kasama mo..susuntukin ko yun..abusado, mataba at panget!! masama ugali nun kasi panget syang iniluwal sa mundo. pakshet sya!

snst_blvd said...

oboids oo kamo! hmpf di bale karamahin yun 10,000 times haha~