Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wow Philippines

My Lakbayan grade is C+!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out atLakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Not bad, eh? I'm surprised to have gained this score, when most of the people I know got stuck with Cs or Ds (peace). And then I remembered I used to travel a lot when I was in high school, joining contests and such (mostly writing/journalistic events). My school would sponsor it which basically means free everything.

Then come college, I was given opportunities to travel wherever CEGP (College Editor's Guild of the Philippines) held their infamous national conferences. All I had to bring was my pocket money.

There were times in my life when I would come home only for two weeks and off to traveling again. Especially in my high school senior year, when all the good stuff came rushing in. The furthest I went is to the SOCSARGEN region. Stayed there for more than a week. All I could remember was that everything I ate was tuna-- tuna longganisa, tuna hotdog, sinigang na tuna, adobong tuna, tuna tocino, and a bunch of other tuna delicacies, especially when I was at General Santos City.

Maybe if I had gone to Boracay, Puerto Galera, and Bohol last summer, I would've gotten a B-.

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Anonymous said...

Hala restless traveler. Grabe idol kita.

Because I never really haven't been out in the borders of Metro Manila. As in NCR at Region IV lang ang nadadatnan ng mga paa ko.

Pretty weird because I've been to Tokyo and New York. :p

sasha said...

I will try this one nga. Pero konti pa lang napuntahan ko sa Phils. eh. Baka D ang score ko hehe

Hi Lei! Happy Friday!

Czian said...

Grabe ha. Hardcore yung pag travel mo sa Philippines. I've been traveling pero outside of the country. Siguro 4 or 5 lang narating ko. Grabe ha.

may said...

i must have cheated; because how can i get an A+? maybe i marked it the other way or something:)

fruityoaty said...

LOL, how said am I? I got an F! Yeah, but that's because I've only been to 2 places (barely) in the Philippines. I've lived in Canada for almost all of my life! I've got an excuse, hahaha.

One day, I shall return... with much Douglas MacArthur fanfare... + pigeons released to the skies and trumpets blaring in the air! Haha.

I'd like to meet some of the bloggers (incl. you) I've been stalking online, haha.

Boracy, Puerto Galera, Manila. And my relatives in Bulacan, of course... first stop.

lei said...

jake well, if it satisfies you, i haven't been to tokyo and new york. hehe :p

sasha hey shasha. now, it's time for you to pack your bags and explore the pinas! :)

czian which countries have you visited? i'd like to travel outside the country too. maybe when i have the luxury of time... and money. lol

may hardcore! A+!

fruityoaty when you decide to visit baguio, drop me a line :)

Xerendipity said...

The few places I've been to are Calamba in Mindanao, Siquijor island, and I'm currently here in Cebu! I'm originally from Dumaguete! Have plans to go to Bohol and Tagaytay! And outside the country, Singapore (maybe this year!)

tina said...

ako ang isa sa mga Cs hehe... :P hope to travel more places here in PInas. buti ka pa you got the chance when you were in HS. hehe.

sasha said...

Naku sinabi mo, girl! :) I plan to go to Vigan this August. Bday gift ko sa sarili ko :)

Happy Monday! Cge, if you're ready to make some online income na, just holler I can help :)

The King said...

Nako, I think I will fail at his Lakbayan test. Counted ba yung mga dinadaanan na probinsya?

Let's see..
La Union - nagpunta kami sa Agoo, dahil sa nagmimilagrong birhen dun
Pangasinan - Our Lady of Manaoag related.
Baguio - for 2 days only.
Zambales - one of 2 instances na nakapag-beach ako
Laguna - elementary fieldtrips
Batangas - high school retreat
And of course, Metro Manila, cos I study there..

lei said...

xerendipity wow, so many places to go to!

tina thanks to my writing "skills" hehe

sasha nice sa vigan.

the king oo counted ang mga "nadaanan" i think hehe :p