Saturday, June 16, 2007

I don't know if this is funny or sad

A short French movie that you should watch from start to finish. It is subbed, so do not worry. :)

As Bryan Boy puts it "Never trust men who are poor or take the public transport." Ang harsh.

This brings to mind a conversation I had with Lisa and her friend Marie during my stay at Atenara. Can't remember the exact details, but Marie's father had a rule that any boy who's going to or is currently dating his daughter must afford her. We laughed so hard when Marie said "But I can't even afford myself!"

And so was the start of Lisa's infamous princess seminars, lecturing me why I should stay away from "mongrels" and stick with the "pedigrees". A guy who knows how to use the chopsticks and can eat using a knife and a fork, without asking the waiter for an extra spoon. A guy who acts his age and not his shoe size. Well-mannered boys from good families. Not necessarily rich, as we know money can't buy breeding.

In the end, we women do not need men who will love us. We need men who will respect us.

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Shari said...

You know I can't watch that. Maybe soon. :D

Hah, ang harsh naman. Ako naman, yeah, it's great if the guy "can afford me" and all, but then, I almost always insist on going Dutch anyway. And I kinda like the "maginoo pero medyo bastos" guys. And dammit, I also have a penchant for "dugyot" guys as well! Weird, much? Haha.

lei said...

shari why can't you?

neway, seriously? dugyot guys? hehe.. ang weird mo talaga. ^_^ but in a nice way. secret lang to, but i had a dugyot guy phase before din. lol

kaya u'll outgrow it! hahahaha

joyfulchicken said...

Funny :-D I like mean humor.

Prudence said...

You know what? It's also good that we take care of the guys sometimes. It's just a give and take relationship. However, one type of guy that we, girls, should really stay away from, are those type of guys that cannot even take care of themselves. Would you let them just rely on you for the rest of your lives? So it really isn't bad if we go looking for a guy whom we think can take care of themselves because we wouldn't want to keep a guy that we have to babysit for the rest of our lives. A guy who runs away at the first sight of trouble isn't a guy worth being with.

lei said...

joyfulchicken i knew you'd say that. lol

prudence AMEN to that sister!

the philosphical bastard said...

poor woman.. the director made her look too pathetic. it's almost a give away. i actually thought she was gonna be held-up at the next station. well what do you know, the french sound good even when they're evil.

as far as relationships are concerned.. how much is your friend? jowk.

Jhed said...

We need men who will respect us.

Apir! Haha! Wait, hindi pala ako girl. LOL.

It's fun siguro to have a sugar daddy. I have a friend who hooked up with a rich guy and he's willing to buy my friend ANYTHING he wants. My friend just turned down every offer he made. I was like, "Ang tanga mo! Haha!"

Guess I'm such a materialistic jerk, e?

lei said...

paolo haha sorry dude, an autralian-chinese guy snatched her already (as far as i know). hehe

jhed ay ang tanga talaga. practical lang tayo di ba. hehe