Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Everything is not the same nowadays. The sun has been missing most of the day and I've been coming home extremely early straight after work. The latter made my mother very happy, but I reasoned there was nowhere to go with anywhere basically.

Maika found a new job which required her to work until 7 in the evening, two hours more after I get off mine. Kubi is sweating in the lowland while she pursues her masters degree at UP Diliman. My college friends are either sulking at home or too lazy to go out. One of my closest one got into Medicine and is all giddy about it. My friends at work either had a family to attend to or are just too damn goody-goody for a late night out. The rest of my friends started school or started reviewing for NCLEX.

I suddenly missed hanging out at our favorite karaoke place. I also miss ogling at people while taking a sip of our coffees and juices. Am now trying to adjust to the life of a working adult once again.

My students are all still the same, but some of them had new faces. I was able to exercise my vocal chords when one of the notorious one went attitudinal on me. I was able to shut him up and we went through his workbook in such a breeze. One certain student (little boy aged 9), who I learned from Kubi was a 'touchy' one, suddenly kissed me on the cheeks on my second day of return to work. I first found it weird because he barely knew me (he was a new student) at all. But later on found it to be sweet and told him not to do that to his male teachers. He didn't get it.

When the new kids found out I was the one who taught the High School Musical dance to the previous students during our Christmas Party last year, I became an instant celebrity. Apparently, HSM is still popular at our school and the girls and boys alike found the dances and songs enchanting. Thank God they are not making me dance just yet!

I am now seriously trying to shed off some weight, because my brothers suddenly realized how big their only and youngest sister has become. Last father's day at the dinner table, they refused to pass me anything except water. I had to excuse myself from the table upon getting their hint and watched TV instead. My mother said I should go vegetarian if I wanted to lose weight but I'm not about to give up my PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) membership yet. Maybe in a month's time. I'll have to ponder hard on that.

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maika said...

hala. parehas tayo... ayoko na toooohhh!!!! tuluyan ng pinatayng trabaho na to ang aking non existent social life!!! hala girl, ano na nga uli itsura mo? nalimot ko na sa tagal ng di natin pgkikita...

lei said...

maika shyeeet kelangan na uli natin magkita toink

Talamasca said...

I went vego last year just for the hell of it, even though I'm not really physically-challenged and all. What do you know, I lost almost 10 lbs in just 3 weeks! Works everytime, I tell ya.

Anyhoo, thanks for blog crashing. Come back anytime. Kbai.

Lexie said...

Dieting. Eek. I'd have a hard time becoming a vegan. But when my mom wanted to lose weight, she stopped eating rice. Or maybe you could just go on a seafood diet.

the philosphical bastard said...

The period of an inexistent social life make a good time for reinventing oneself.

Also, if i may suggest, Seitan is the official meat replacement of veggie peepz. I have tried it a couple of times last week and I can say it does not taste bad.(when you get tired of how beef, pork and chicken tastes.. you should try it)

lei said...

talamasca hmmm interesting...

lexie is that the "everytime I see food, i eat" diet? lol

paolo can i get that here in the Philippines?

fruityoaty said...

No, don't become a vegetarian... unless you're really serious about learning how to balance your meals (make sure you get all the proper vitamins and nutrients... gotta do some research... otherwise, you could turn anemic). I tried being a veggie and damn, it was hard. I still am sort of a veggie, but I eat meat and fish once in a while (2 - 3 times a week).

I'd suggest just cutting back on fat and foods high in glycemic index (carbs, pasta). Less rice (cut half of your daily intake -- it does wonders for weight loss). Exercise is always good. At minimum, try brisk walking -- good (30 min. a day).

No Krispy Kremes for YOU!