Friday, March 7, 2008

Dizzizit panzit

I'm currently filling up an application for an exam that has a mortally rate of 99%. Something that may sound like a qualifying test for a MENSA membership, but it's not. It's for a position that a nurse like me has no room for. All my four years of college couldn't have prepared me for this test, but what the heck I'm taking it anyway. And to say it has something to do with the government, now that's the clincher.

So needless to say, I am reviewing again. But now, my nose isn't buried in medical books. My nose is smelling dust from stacked history books and flinching from economic terms so foreign to me. It's learning all over again.

There's also this possibility of working for a private company, but it requires me to have a certain ability I was certain I had before. So I'm rethinking about that.

All of these in between studying for my unscheduled (yet) NCLEX, as my mother badgers me on hours end.

Three different roads. There's no easy way. Especially if your post-surgery mouth cannot stop bleeding. God help me.

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sarah said... channel my dad....follow your heart... *wink*

Mojo Potato said...

good luck sa exams! hehehe

lei said...

april naks^^

mojo potato thanks^^