Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The then

how is one supposed to feel when you lose a beautiful memory? a friend and i have recently parted ideals and found out that our concept of time and waiting are very foreign to each other.

i have very little idea of the metamorphosis. a few exchanges of bitter words, and then giving up. i wasn't sure if i was the one who gave up. i always thought friendship is a very quaint liaison. but i never thought there could be an end of it. i feel like getting a wrench and pounding it on my head, maybe something good will come out of it, save whatever is left of the remains of what once was.

how is one supposed to feel when you lose a beautiful memory? unless somebody reminds you that you did lose it, it's never forgotten. is that the way it goes? or is it it's never even remembered?

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lei said...


so if you had noticed, i finally changed my lay-out and added my links. if you would like to be added, and if i forgot some of you, please do say something. :)

FruityOaty said...

Yeah, I did notice you changed your layout. Cute header. (As for me, I changed my layout too, thinking that it might inspire me to like blogging again... but nope, not working.)

RE: your post. I've "broken up" with 2 friends, but it was probably for the best... We couldn't/wouldn't overcome the fundamental differences. Anyway, I chose not to dwell on the "bad stuff"... and I'll always remember that they (like me) are essentially good but flawed people.

Who knows, one day you and your friend might cross paths again and things might be different... or not.

watson said...

Lei: May mga bagay talaga na inevitable. It's part of life.

lei said...

fruity essentially good but flawed people. i like that. :)

wats0n that's one tough lesson i learned.

-Poison- said...

its unbelievable how a few words can change a bond of many years' worth...shit happens :( and the memories remain.

i am here after a very long time. the template feels warm!

Mark Xander said...

Cute pic on your sidebar girl! :)

lei said...

-poison- sometimes, all we have are memories. :)

mark the gulat picture? lol

may said...

a friendship that is not nourished eventually dies. it's difficult to see it pass, but life goes on and memories can linger, if you want them to.

Jigs said...

you never lose a memory. You only chose not to remember it. Like a broken friendship. It is up to you to rekindle that lost connection or be reminded of it and what value it has to you.

Hay nako, I don't even know if that helped or made things worse. I am the worse pseudo-psychologist, believe me.

BTW, I agree with Mr. mark xander. That photo of you is just adorable. Did you know that you look like a younger Yayo Aguila in that photo?

lei said...

may nothing but the truth.

jigs haha :p