Sunday, September 9, 2007

Has it been THAT long already?

After receiving a text message from Maika a couple of weeks ago asking me why my blog suddenly went bullocks, it was only tonight that I realized what she meant. The images of my lay-out apparently are not loading properly, so I'm stuck with this basic template until I find time to fix my blog. My links and communities will be put up some other time as well.


I was actually shocked to learn that I haven't blogged in exactly one month, thirteen days and four hours (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm horribly bad at numbers). You see, I have a confession to make: I haven't visited my blog in the last 4 weeks. My cyber activity in the last weeks basically includes a three-minute average visit to each of the following: Perez Hilton, Friendster, Gmail, Chuvaness (from whom I heard Gael Garcia Bernal is making a new movie and he's going to film here in Pinas!), and Mininova. Occasionally to Youtube, but only to watch Yuri Lane's Beatbox Harmonica over and over again (I secretly love Yuri. Ssshhh). Most of the times, I am surfing for lesson plans (because I'm too lazy to make my own), doing activities for my students, and making reports on their progress (which is tougher than you think, i mean what shall I write if there is no progress at all?). In short, I am slaving to feed the capitalist interest that is my work. I have let myself become ignorant to the ways of the blogging world. So I ask thee for mercy, blogger Lords.

I became 21 last August 17. It's almost hard to believe that a year has gone by so quickly again. Just so you know, faithful readers, gifts are still accepted, in cash or in kind (FOB tickets performing in Manila will be the greatest gift! LOL I heard they only have general admissions, so wag na lang. hehe). If you need my mailing address, please feel free to email me. Hahaha :) It almost always rains on my birthday, and one of the heaviest I could remember was this year. So the party was cut short by 10 PM, much to my dismay. But it was still fun. I left work with a bag of goodies which made me look like I just came from a Korean grocery. My students gave me things from canned tuna (which I heard costs about P200 if bought here in Pinas) to rice seasoning (Babirang rice seasoning rocks!). When I laid out the things they gave me, I was surprised to find a sachet of Chocquick. All I can say is, Milo still has my vote.

The results of my June 07 Licensure Exams came about a few weeks ago. Glad to announce I came through, thank God! Now I can proudly tell my grandsons and daughters their Lola is twice a registered nurse. I'm glad the leakage issue is finally brought to rest. As they say ... nakaraos din. When a friend messaged me that I passed the exam, I was walking with Maika at SM going down Session Road and I remember feeling extremely elated that my lacrimal glands erupted and gave me away. Suffice to say I cried a lot that day. I'd like to say thank you to all the people who have believed in me; friends, family and strangers alike. For all the prayers, guidance, and constant reassurance that I would make it. And if I didn't, that they would be there to hold my hand. I swear I have the best family and rockin' friends.

That's it for now. I'm off to Lala land because I have work in approximately six hours. Please say you guys still love me even though I make the suckiest blog entries and I don't visit your blogs. Because I do love all of you to smithereens.

Kisses! :)

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chuvanez said...

welcome back!

i'm glad you're a double nurse, that you made it safely to 21 (by baguio standards, you're a year past the average age of the young mothers here - happy birthday!), we will wait patiently for your posts, and hope to hear from you again soon!

kubs said...

lei! great to see something new on here. missed your posts :) can't wait for you to get down here. par-tay!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it has been THAT long. :D Marami na for sure ang naka-miss sa'yo. Isa na ako diyan. :)

Medyo nawala rin ako nu'ng kelan. Kung bibilangin ko, uhm, ah, 20 days lang naman. Medyo marami nga 'yung nagha-hiatus ngayon e, so hindi tayo nag-iisa. :D

Always raining on your birthday? Hmmn ano kaya ibig sabihin nu'n? Happy belated rakenrol birthday sa'yo. Penge soju. LOLz. At siyempre, happy rakenrol tonggratulatiens sa pagpasa sa'yong pagsusulit. Rakrakan na!!!!!!!1111oneone

Ingat lagi. We misses you lolz.

may said...

belated happy birthday nga pala. as i mentioned before, i am just one dya older than you :)

anyway, glad to see you back. for a while there, i thought your blog got abducted by aliens :)

Poli said...


Oo talagang ang tagal mong nawala! Nakita ko rin na ang exceed ng yung bandwidth ng template mo! Hehe!

the philosphical bastard said...

i love you!

Lisa said...

oh, by the way, the chuvanez way up in the comments is me, too! that was my blogger id for Chuvatech (which has now moved to wordpress)

baka akalain mo may bagong kang kaibingang hindi mo kilalala. hehehe.

fruityoaty said...

OMG, I didn't even realize that you'd written a new blog entry. I missed it in my feed reader + I've out of the blogging/commenting loop for a while now.

I've seen Gael Garcia Bernal in person last year when he promoted "Babel" at Toronto International Film Festival. He came again just this past September... to promote some other film which I didn't see.

I dunno, he used to look so hot (I had a major thing for him - even when he's in the role of a gay transvestite in "Bad Education", LOL)... but lately, he's looking kinda... decrepit. :p

MONACO said...

just discovered your blog. nice one.

watson said...

Just dropping by
to say hi!

Rhyme ito! hehe

{illyria} said...

blogging has, in fact, been replaced by real life. :)

miss you, little sis.

FruityOaty said...

Hey, I'm just dropping by... I've already commented on this post.

Wow, I thought I disappeared from the blogging world... but yours is way longer.

Well, I'll be back when you update. Take care. :)

fruityoaty said...

OK, I commented on this twice now... so this would be my 3rd time. I'm just bloghops and saying hello. Come back, already. :)

fruityoaty said...

OK, so now this is my 4th time dropping a comment on the same post. Yeesh, come back already.

Anyway, I wanted to wish you an early Merry Christmas and I guess, Happy New Year, because you probably won't be writing something new... until next year... I'm guessing... maybe Easter. Just kidding.

L8tr days,
Massa P aka ""

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Anonymous said...

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