Friday, September 12, 2008

weddings and KC concepcion

when you get invited to weddings and baptisms often than debuts lately, you know it's all downhill from there. a college org mate got hitched last saturday and i almost wasn't able to attend simply because i forgot about it. the moment i remembered, there was no time to change my clothes and embarrassingly attended the formal/semi-formal ceremony wearing chuck taylors and wide legged jeans.

my favorite part of any wedding is the part where the parents make their speeches. the father of the bride, on the brink of tears, was telling about the sign that convinced him that his first born was already ready to start a new life without them. he said in the months preceding the wedding, he unconsciously suddenly started waking up later than usual so this prompted the daughter to wake up early and prepare breakfast for the family. in one occasion, he happen to secretly watch her prepare the meal and just felt sad because he knew right then, by instinct alone, that her little baby girl was ready to have a family of her own. and true enough, in less than a month, the wedding was underway.

makes me think what kind of story my father or mother would say on my wedding day. because statistically, the bride's parents' get to have the drama speech. have you been to a wedding wherein the groom's parents' cried because they were letting go of their son? i don't think so. most of the time if not all of the time, the father of the bride becomes emotional because generally, fathers couldn't handle the fact that their daughters have grown up.

speaking of crying buckets of tears, i have watched KC concepcion and richard gutierrez's first movie together on the second day it showed (aug 29 i believe) and all i can say is WHY IS THAT WHEN KC CRIES HER WHOLE FUCKIN FACE GETS WET? her neck and hair even! somebody please tell the poor kid the difference between theater acting and movie acting. so much expression on her face, which didn't go well with the close-ups.

the movie wasn't all that it was hyped to be. actually, that was just about it: a hype. my workmates and i were actually surprised to learn that only one SM cinema showed the movie, and on the second day there weren't anymore long queues. in fact, there wasn't any queue in the coming days! most probably, word got out that the movie wasn't as good as expected?

seriously. the movie was so dragging and heavy. i wanted to kill the person behind the story and the script. and phillip salvador dancing at the end of the movie? what the fuck was that about? the only good thing about the movie: ang gwapo ni richard, putang-ina. that's all. i think a very special love top billed by john lloyd cruz and newcomer sarah geronimo was way better. and did better on the box office, i was told.

KC should've just waited for a better script. i heard that she is doing another film under GMA Films this time, rumored to be directed and written by jose javier reyes? if this is another romance/drama movie, i better not see KC drowning in her own tears.

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