Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hot indigenous person

Last month, this happened here in Baguio City. A friend of mine and I volunteered as part of the conference secretariat under the documentation team (and also because we are members of the College Editor's Guild of the Philippines or CEGP Baguio-Benguet and Kabataan Partylist that's why we had to help somehow) but SADLY and very much UNFORTUNATELY I only made it to the second day and THAT WAS IT.

I wasn't able to complete the international conference OR help in any way because I was cramped up with fixing my birth certificate and registering for the Nursing board exam retake. So I totally trashed any memory of that conference because I wasn't really in it to begin with.

But a few days ago, I received an email from a delegate who represented New Zealand (surprisingly, I was part of the APIYN email list. I wonder who listed me...). It contained pictures she (or is it he?) took of the conference and I was totally surprised to see this hottie. I was like 'Whoa!'

the hot indigenous guy

Okaaaayyyyy. Yeah I saw that guy when I came in the second day but I had no idea he was that hot without his shirt on! If I did, I would've dodged fixing that birth certificate and asked him to marry me instead! Oh he's sooo my McDreamy! Good-looking na, tibak pa! I heard that he was so tibak that he made agit mag-isa when he was discussing his tribe's plight with the NZ government. "The people, united, will never be defeated!" I hate that agit because it's sooo luma na pero gawd I would've clenched my fist and threw it in the air and screamed with him. Kahit magmukha akong tanga. LOL :)

Take that, Sparta boys.


sasha said...


Ako man siguro gagawin ko yan, Lei! He is hot! :)

lei said...

sasha i know! gawd i wanna fly to NZ this instant!

kuyaacengbayan said...

namimiss ko na ang home town kong baguio city ah.. last time ko jan ay 8 years ago. wala pang sm nun. baka maiyak lang ako pag umuwi ako ng baguio kaya wag na lang.

lei said...

kuyaacengbayan awwww... maiiyak ka ba kasi wala na ang mga puno?